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 Satyr, my foe, my brother, my equal...

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PostSubject: Re: Satyr, my foe, my brother, my equal...   Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:49 am

Satyr wrote:
I'm gonna have to teach my boy to avoid sick fucks, like you.
Build your family of Cowardice then.

Do you want to know how to avoid me? It's very easy: Quit summoning my name!!! It reeks of emotional desperation. You are a faggot. Then again, that is the only weapon you have against me (emotional rhetoric) since you can no longer posit anything worth mentioning. Do you know how pathetic your definitions are compared to mine??? It is a laugh; you are child's play. You call out to me quite often because your thoughts are nothing without my verification. And I have digested all your thoughts. I now spit them back into your face. Eat my bile. Anytime you mention me again in the future, be wary that I will come to expose your stupidity and cowardice for all to see. I owe you nothing. I have taken everything from you; I shall not return anything in kind to a cretin like you. You are scum.

If you set foot in one of my threads again without Reason as your weapon, then you will be expelled outright.

Do you need another free lesson? "If A, then B." "X because Y." There you go; it is simple.

You are an empty shell now; get out of my sight and never return to it.

P.S. Anybody who desires to defeat Satyr's reasoning; just prod him about how he hates & fears "stupid" people. This logic is self-defeating. If stupidity is predictable, then why should somebody as smart as Satyr need protecting from it??? It is self-contradicting and exposes Satyr for the "intellect" he really is ... which is not to say he is intellectual at all. After he is defeated in this regard; he will attack with purely-emotional rhetoric, which is, predictable. He has no reasoning beyond it. So have fun sticking your swords into his beaten corpse. Watch him run away meekly from challenges; watch his feeble arms barely-lift from the ground. He is a throw-away of a human soul, or rather, soulless.
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Animated Voice
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PostSubject: Re: Satyr, my foe, my brother, my equal...   Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:10 am

Drone wrote:


when we 'wake up' to the reality of the inherent meaninglessness of everything, how can we avoid the will to disappear altoghether into the void?

When you like who and what you are, and the opportunity for experiences reality offers then you appreciate that things could not have been anyway different if you, YOU, as you are, could have been born.

If not, then the world is fake, it is meaningless, it is soemthing to escape.

Quote :
Relating to people (even in this 'internet' way) is anything more than a manner of forgetting the emptiness even for a while?
Sharing can be used to cope or to share or both.

Quote :
In this sense, what's our 'dependence' on other people, if not an inevitable consequence of our realizing that there's nothing else we can do, if we want to stay alive and not to go mad, but to join them and pretend that we don't see, and don't feel what they can never see, never feel?
Social behavior evolve over time, because a species is incapable of supporting itself within an environment as distinct organisms.

Bears and tigers, for instance can, and so their social behavior and interdependence is minimal and only for reproductive reasons.
Apes are more social because as individual organisms they fail to survive.

So it is a compromise that, in time, breeds more dependence, until the individual cannot hope to even exist without another of his kind.
Intelligence evolves out of this dependence and so it is linked to otherness.

Quote :
i think you know what i mean. don't you ever envy the innocence of your son? isn't he blessed by his inherent state of ignorance in relation to everything?
I only envy the enthusiasm he expediences in discovering the world anew....his naivete i do not envy at all, as enthusiasm soon turns into anxiety as understanding increases.

He has much to learn....the hard way.

Quote :
Pure life, without conscience or consciousness. life as it should be, from the start, if this strange accident called 'awareness' hadn't happened to us.
If you envy an animal's life then I cannot share in your envy.

My awareness, no matter the price, is the most precious thing I have.

You want to enjoy, I want to see and through the seeing hope to find some enjoyment....but it isn't guaranteed.
The more you see the more you have to contend with.

Quote :
i don't want to sound like a depressed nihilist again, but didn't you say to me once that we have to find an ideal if we want to go on living? and what's an ideal? what's the reality of it?
The ideal is whatever you decide is worthy of your efforts.
The reality of it is not in the attainment but in its pursuit, which characterizes you.

Your personality and character is the result of this movement towards yuor ideal self. It's discrimination, because it rejects all other(s).
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Animated Voice
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PostSubject: Re: Satyr, my foe, my brother, my equal...   Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:29 am

Striving to attain ideal selfdom sounds a little like the 'faithful' following the word of their gods.

All is in the journey not the arrival.....as arrive one never can.

Oh and isn't the hard way the only way to learn? Is there any value at all in what comes easily? I suppose it is all relative.
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PostSubject: Re: Satyr, my foe, my brother, my equal...   

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Satyr, my foe, my brother, my equal...
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