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 On How to Build a Website.

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On How to Build a Website. Empty
PostSubject: On How to Build a Website.   On How to Build a Website. I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 06, 2014 9:16 pm

If one were to build a truly functional website, one of the first principles it would be based upon is that a thing is not different from itself--including the human mind. This idea can and has been put into many different words and languages:
"relation to self is inadmissible." Charmides, by Plato.
"A - A = 0" common concept.
"A house divided against itself cannot stand." J.C.
To apply the concept to human psychology, one would have to define what a mind was and was for. The answer was hidden in a language puzzle--the name of the beast 666, which I did solve, and it was plainly stated in the works of such philosophers as Confucius and Plato. Let me now tender a class definition and find it within that class.

Definition: An environmental acquisition system of a living organism is a crafting system which must acquire from the environment an element and with that element produce a product that maintains and promotes the life of that organism.

1) The Digestive System.
2) The Respiratory System.
3) The Manipulative System.

4) The Ocular System.
5) The Vestibular System.
6) The Procreative System.
7) The judgmental System.

If one understood metaphor, one could then see the play on the number seven in Scripture, These are our seven wives, which are either fertile or not. These are the seven eyes (seven means of perception) and seven horns (seven means of protecting life) of the beast called man.

The mind, which is the solution to the name of the beast, is responsible for the product of human behavior over time.
This is what Plato called human will. It is not the same as plain old human expression, just like vomiting is not the product of digestion.

So, in order to make a website that is a function of human will, it must be established upon the principles of judgment and produce works that maintain and promote life in general. A truly philosophical website--a truly diss website would aim at being as functional as a human mind.

And just like every human being, it will only be as functional as the mind by which guides it.

Works which should be posted on such a website can be found on the Internet Archive, search johnclark8659.

A philosopher seeks to change the world in conformity to the ideal of man, himself-no matter where that ideal is found no matter what source-religious or scientific. A philosophical website not aimed at promoting such changes in the behaviors of mankind is only one in name, not in deed.

A civil society is more than a heap of people, it is a collection of mankind under the guidance of reason.
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On How to Build a Website.
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