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 Female ejaculation!

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Female ejaculation! Empty
PostSubject: Female ejaculation!   Female ejaculation! I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 7:47 pm

I had a very new, and interesting experiance in my life. Now i have heard of female ejaculation, but i have never experianced it before, until just recently.

Earlier today, i found myself performing cunninlingus on a new girl i was havin sex with. During the ordeal she eventually told me she was about to cum. Little did i know, i was about to get a bonifide "spray" in my face as she ejaculated. Had i known that it was going to propel ALL over my face, i would have tilted my head to the side. It went into my hair, my eyes, and more importantly my mouth. I tasted it. And the taste of it was EXTREMELY salty and astringent, much like sea water but more SOUR. I actually managed to swallow some of it and cringed as i did. The consistancy of it is watery, NOTHING like male ejaculate. And it has no smell to it like urine does, it only has a TASTE.

I have eaten girls out before, but i have never experianced female ejaculate, and SO much of it! A very fascinating event to say the least.

How about it guys? Has this happened to you?

And girls, can any of you explain to me what this shit actually IS?
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Female ejaculation!
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