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 WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #6: "I...Lucifer!" (Next To Last Issue!)

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PostSubject: WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #6: "I...Lucifer!" (Next To Last Issue!)   Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:35 pm


Evil, pain, and death are the most remarkable aspects of Existence. Vulnerability to theses “Brothers Grimm” is the common trait, the existential DNA, shared by every human. It is just this vulnerability to pain, evil, and death that defines, almost entirely, what it is to be human.

What a strange existence this is! We are, all of us, ultimately slaves forced to parry and thrust daily in the gladiatorial arena of the human condition; fighting daily to stave off the entropy of financial, psychological, and biological dissolution and final death. It is only by thrusting, dodging, and parrying that we evade the whirling axe, flying arrow, and slicing sword of mortality…for the nonce.

For our secular friends, evil, pain, and death are nothing more than unfortunate side-effects of the “just-so”-ism of the interplay between physical matter and the consciousness it just so happened to magically produce (from physical matter in the form of functioning brains). Ah, the simplicity of such explanation: one burns with envy.

For theists, however, the existence of evil, pain, and death produces a conundrum, an existential drama, a confusing, Shakespherean conflict between humans, hostages due to their vulnerability to pain and death, and their Captor or captors: higher consciousnesses that, for inscrutable reasons, deemed it necessary to place us without choice or say in the matter onto the careening midnight carnival ride of this type of bio-psychological existence.

In my obsessive search over the years for the theological culprit behind our existence I’ve become, for want of a better term, a “Godstalker”: a rabid theo-analyst, finding atheistic explanation for the world untenable upon rational reflection of it’s claims and chasing every characterization of the Judeo-Christian God (my target of choice) down the logical rabbit hole of non-contradiction and logical possibility, “reasoning the entire way through” to the most logical conclusion based on hear-say ‘evidence’ of the powers and properties of God.

From the primeval stew of this analysis emerges, at last, a Rational God: a conceivable being whose substance and qualities fit within the narrow space of logical and metaphysical possibility, and whose conceivable and hypothetical influence upon the world yields a conceivable and possible world indistinguishable from the one we actually experience.

The Rational God of Weird Christianity, if the God is truly “all-good”---is therefore not consciously or deliberately responsible for the existence of evil and death: these entities are (quasi-atheistically) unfortunate side-effects of God’s subconscious mind, the intellectual or logical undertow of that mind autonomously producing realized hypotheticals of what it is to be what the conscious mind of God is not.

From the primeval stew of this autonomous calculation, then, arises a Rational Devil: an "anti-God" emerging from the waters of the Psychic Chaos to “rule in the most regular fashion” the practically limitless manifestations of God’s Jungian Shadow, this ruler of the subterranean realms of God's mind protected by the immortal energies of the unconscious mind of God himself.

Here, then, in this penultimate issue of Weird Christianity, we find closure between the opposing forces of God’s Id, Ego, and Superego, in the form of an analysis of Satan the Devil which describes, once and for all: (i) the nature of his power; (ii) it’s extent and ultimate source; (iii) the Force that sustains his existence; (iv) the psychodynamic processes that (hypothetically) takes place between the mind of God and man that can temporarily nullify his existence or frustrate his power, and: (v) the psychodynamic mechanism in the mind of God and underlying mechanism in the substrate of Existence itself that ultimately erases Satan irrevocably and timelessly from existence.

Without further ado, then, let's boogie! Let's get on with the discovery, if you will, of the dark, previously unknown, universe-shaking secret of the Devil revealed in this, the next-to-last issue of Weird Christianity.

A true, irrevocable end to Satan will ultimately
require an evolution of the unconscious mind of
God… and Laplacean lack of alternate possibility
to the actual nature of reality.

Laplacean existence, according to the determinism proposed by
philosopher Simon-Pierre Laplace, is an existence in which anything
that comes to be is the only thing that could possibly have been.
That is, there is something about the nature of existence that anything that
comes to be, anything that occurs, is that which could have occurred---regardless of
human imagination of alternate possibility.

If reality is nothing more than the conscious and unconscious
mind of God, an evolution of the mind of God into a Laplacean
mechanism or engine that, in the future, permanently and infallibly
inhibits his subconscious from allegorical manifestation of that which
his conscious mind is not will obviate the very possibility of recidivism of
Satan…and evil itself…in the yawning void of eternity beyond the final
awakening of the External, Type-3 Omnibenevolent God.

An end to Lucifer, then, with no possibility of resurrection or return,
will require a Laplacean God; a God whose mind, being the
only reality, can only possibly yield eternal resonance between
conscious awareness and the infinite, subterranean
world of unconscious mentality.


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WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #6: "I...Lucifer!" (Next To Last Issue!)
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