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 WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #5: "Pray To The Lucid Dreamer!"

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PostSubject: WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #5: "Pray To The Lucid Dreamer!"   Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:13 am


Hopefully, this installment of Weird Christianity will not be my last.

I'm undergoing light surgery tomorrow, and hope nothing goes wrong. If all goes well, I will continue with the second part of
Weird Christianity #5 (the first part presented for your perusal below) with all due haste, with a planned presentation by late August or early September. Then on to the penultimate (next to last) issue of Weird (a psychoanalysis of Satan the Devil) followed by the last installment of the series, Weird Christianity #7 (something very special for everyone).

Following the surgery I will post my return and engage other threads in ILP while finishing WC#5. To all moderators, thank you so much for allowing me the space to present these unique threads. You are awesome. Thanks also to all ILP correspondents who responded, with praise or criticism, to this fantastic strain of Christianity and my other views, particularly those in denial of the existence of the physical.

So on with the show! Behold the pageantry below, the ultimate Christian hypothesis.

Ciao (for now),

phenomenal graffiti

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WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #5: "Pray To The Lucid Dreamer!"
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