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 WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #4: "For Thine Is The Power..."

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PostSubject: WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #4: "For Thine Is The Power..."   Tue May 11, 2010 11:34 am


In the end, Weak Entelechal Transference, in it's adherence to biblical scripture to realistically (or at least plausibly) connect Christ to human beings now becomes True Entelechal Transference.

Strong Entelechal Transference, despite it's failure to truly travel back in time remains an option in lieu of the Weak, if one is willing to hold that the Chaos hits the pause button to transform the "normal virtual program" of a particular human's experience to fit in an exact replica of Christ-experience that functions as negative experience in the present. Strong ET is admittedly "sexier" than Weak ET in the telling, but it fails to link humans in the present to the Savior of the past. Weak ET, despite her role as the ugly sister of the Strong, nevertheless manages to "deliver the goods" and provide this Christ-human link, through actual transportation of the original Christ experience through time (preserved as unconscious mentality) to fill gaps in the virtual reality program that is future human experience, becoming every human's negative feeling, behavior,and circumstance.

This is the Fore-give-ness of Sins, and it is the foundation of a faith that ultimately absolves one from the wrath of God-- not through some meritocracy of "good deeds"-- but through a coming to a knowledge of the truth, which is God's true desire for human beings: the acceptance of reality.

But there is a final Entelechal Transference: the 'resurrection' of Jesus from the 'dead', through the interstitial filling of human experience by the polar opposite of the mind of Christ in the Primordial Nightmare. This Power ultimately defeats the Id of God and the powers of darkness, and brings to an end the Chaos-induced altered state of consciousness (of the External God) that enables the existence of evil in the first place. This Power, this..."Talisman" against all evil... is revealed in the last five pages of this book.

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WEIRD CHRISTIANITY #4: "For Thine Is The Power..."
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