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 Taboo 4... Trinity of Evil

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Taboo 4... Trinity of Evil Empty
PostSubject: Taboo 4... Trinity of Evil   Taboo 4... Trinity of Evil I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 11:37 am

While Love is giving good things to others for no return, Evil takes them away from others for no return.

Evil is based on three factors:

1- Power
2- Wealth
3- Law

Removing even one of the obove three, a person or a group of persons cannot do evil for too long.

But the meanings of the above crucial words are as it follows:

Power is the ability to hurt others anywhere anytime. So who are created to play devil on earth should acquire the proper powerful tools and be able to use them without hesitation.

Wealth is anything that can buy men. Money makes this process easier. And without the right wealth, it may be very hard to deceive any new follower.

Law is the rules to be imposed on others in the name of people or god to legalize the previous two acts. So Mastering a law, regionally or globally, is mandatery to acheive serious evil acts and stay unreachable.

For instance, do you know that Jesus didn't need using Power as described above, he also didn't have real Wealth to buy any man and he didn't follow and teach any specific Law... to the point he contradicted the survival golden rule and said: Love your enemies.
But despite of being very far of evil, Jesus was able to force the leaders of a whole nation called Israel to balance its Power, Wealth and Law with his isolated personal being. It was a historical sign of the end of Israel as a nation. For instance, it is no more a secret for most Jews living in what is called Israel today that they live if they were in a military base and surely not an independent nation.

Finally, whoever likes to follow the Master of the World... known spiritually as the Devil... he has to accept and live the Trinity of Evil...
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Taboo 4... Trinity of Evil
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