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PostSubject: WEIRD CHRISTIANITY Issue 2 : THE PSYCHIC CHAOS!   Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:52 am


Secular (godless) mythology of the world and how it works holds that no gods exist, and the only reality or eternal thing is a non-conscious substance that in a certain configuration inexplicably gains the power of creation ex nihilo, the power to make that which is unreal a reality and create something that previously did not exist and is something other than the creating entity. Secular mythology (so far) holds that the only thing in the universe that comes into and goes out of existence (given the first law of thermodynamics)is consciousness, which by the simplest definition is subjective experience.

If consciousness is something that goes out of existence upon death, and if experience can radically change if forces impinge upon the brain in such a way as to disrupt or alter it’s “normal function”, the substance making up the external world is obviously that which conscious is not , or at least if the external world is somehow conscious or made up of consciousness, it is not the consciousness generated by brains--as brain-generated consciousness comes into and goes out of existence. We cannot perceive the external world, as it is that which is not our experience; that which is not experience is not within experience, as it is something that perception itself is not.

Thus, if the external world is not one’s consciousness (secular mythology in regard to the nature of death establishes this), then one’s consciousness and the external world are obviously two different and ontologically unrelated things, particularly if one (the external world) can exist without the other, and if there was a time when one (the external world) existed before there were such things as brains.

It is the contention of Weird Christianity that the true external world, the true background of our existence, is the mind of the Judeo-Christian God. The mental substance making up the uncharted regions of the unconscious mind of God himself, it is contended, comprises our consciousness. If this is true, then we are indeed the children of God, with the unconscious part of God forming conscious, smaller minds within itself that exist in their own private, personal, subjective dimensions and are similar in mental content to the Father in essence (mentality) only.

Then again, this could all be wrong, and we live under the rule of another Deity or other deities. Or there are, after all, no deities at all and we are random phantoms formed by accident within an external world consisting of consciousness in non-organismic or personal form (John Stuart-Mill and Ernst Mach’s phenomenalism). Or perhaps the non-mental does exist, and forms non-conscious analogs to the content of our visual perception (with the output of neurons of the occipital lobe and external world-cars, external world-skies, external world-brains connected only by random chance).

However, If one believes in the non-mental rather than gods one still walks, as the Bible states, "by faith rather than sight". What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and we are all, in the end, hypocrites for criticizing one’s use of faith when the "faithless", inadvertently, uses that same faith for a different god. Make no mistake: a god, by definition, is an entity holding power over an aspect of reality or reality itself. The godless, by majority vote, holds that our consciousness does not magically spring, on it’s own, into existence: it is a creation of something other than itself, something capable of surviving the absolute absence of any and all organismic or brain-generated consciousness.

This creator of consciousness, even in the mythology of the godless, is nevertheless a “god”: it is simply a god without consciousness. If one accepts the definition above, god exists: we are simply divided about whether or not this god is Conscious.

And so, without further ado…

*That's right folks! Last-Thursday-ism! A skeptical variation of the Omphalos Hypothesis! Read about it here:

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