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 WEIRD CHRISTIANITY Issue 1: The Problem With Omniscience

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PostSubject: WEIRD CHRISTIANITY Issue 1: The Problem With Omniscience   Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:45 am


The WEIRD CHRISITIANITY Comic Series contains the most fantastic Judeo-Christian theology you will ever experience.

NO other version of Judeo-Christian theology is this far-fetched. The bizarre theology is, however,
logically and metaphysically possible. The logical possibility of Weird Christianity is derived, simply enough, from the inherent possibilities within human consciousness.

The reader is challenged, therefore, to examine
Weird Christianity for logical inconsistencies and contradictions.

Mind you, you will find none.

Rather, you will discover this “underground” Christianity is vastly superior to mainstream Christian belief and empirically indistinguishable from secular mythology about the nature of the world.

Be forewarned: Any questionable, offensive, and seemingly blasphemous content in this material is not gratuitously but necessary for existential explanatory closure. The concepts, philosophies, and entities that are usually considered offensive or even blasphemous exist, and even these must plausibly fit in the framework of any viable Christianity in order to demonstrate that everything, good and evil, sacred and profane, is ultimately subject to God. It is the final contention of Weird Christianity that God is indeed good, and indeed sovereign over all that exists. It is contented that physical reality does not exist and all things, no matter their absurdity, are purely phenomenal entities deliberately or inadvertently arising from the psychic chaos of the mind of the Judeo-Christian God.

This is the ultimate Judeo-Christian theology. If this should fail, all other theologies must fail by default, as WEIRD CHRISTIANITY is (arguably) the most plausible religious belief.

Without further ado…

I. The Death Of Classic Omniscience: The Problem Of Multiplicity And Simultaneity

II. The Death Of Classic Omniscience: The Problem Of Eternal Observance

III. Conclusion: The Problem Of Conscious Omniscience

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WEIRD CHRISTIANITY Issue 1: The Problem With Omniscience
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