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 Taboo 3... Internetists

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PostSubject: Taboo 3... Internetists   Taboo 3... Internetists I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 12:57 pm

It is no more a secret that a modern group of believers, spread all over the world, follows blindly (without the need to reason) what we may call the modern Bible. They are the 'Internetists' and obviously 'their Bible' is found on whatever sites on the internet, called trusted.

Their response to any new reasoning they hear from someone is simply "Can you back it up?" as if they believe that they have no right to think and judge about any sort of analysis by themselves, but instead, they have to base their belief in what might have been already said on one or more of their many trusted websites.

So now when I join a forum for example I won't be surprised to talk to someone who is proud for not being a fanatic Christian, fanatic Jewish, fanatic Muslim or fanatic Atheist etc... but for being a fanatic Internetist.

For instance, the word 'Internetist' cannot be found on the internet... yet.

But one can meet too many Internetists who are very satisfied by accepting some others on the Internet to find for them the truth behind any important fact. Exactly as the believers of any known religion, based on faith and not on reason, do.
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Taboo 3... Internetists
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