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 Taboo 1... Holocaust

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Taboo 1... Holocaust Empty
PostSubject: Taboo 1... Holocaust   Taboo 1... Holocaust I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 12:46 pm

Holocaust did happen.
In fact, it was also documented very well during WW2.

First, WW1 divided Europe to prepare it for destruction in WW2. So between the two WWs, Middle East was delivered to the camp of UK and France.
Second, taking control of the natural resources in Middle East temporarily from UK and France (after WW2) was surely not enough.
So soon after a strong military base had to be created and supported in ME.
But this innovative base had to be armed with obedient troops as well. Even before WW1, the Jewish people, spread all over the world, was chosen for this hard job.

In brief, Holocaust did happen in WW2 and its cruality against some Jewish families in Europe was documented in much details too.
And a few years after the end of WW2, UK and France had to leave ME then thanks to the hoorible scenes of holocaust, most of the Jews were scared to death having no choice but to join the military base called 'Israel' which was already prepared for them on the land of Palestine.

In fact and since then, the SYSTEM which was behind the division of Europe then became its savior after its destruction is now in full control of all the natural resources in Middle East.
As you see, this couldn't happen without the total obedience of the chosen people gathered by fear... by the holocaust propaganda.

Only after the last war in July 2006, many Israeli Jews were able to realize this simple truth of their reality.
The truth... they live in a military base which was given a name of civil nation.

This is life... and no one can change it.
People all over the world are the victims of their masters who guide them to follow a god, a flag or simply their speeches that might say great words that people like to hear but never the 'real' truth.
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Taboo 1... Holocaust
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