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PostSubject: ARE WE RULED BY AN EVIL GOD??? (CONCLUSION)   Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:10 pm


Why would an evil God want, of all things, to transform an evil world into an all-good world?

Aside from playful indulgence or malevolent deceit, it is quite possible that the Q2MP3O God, as opposed to the other aforementioned Gods---
is evolving into 3-Omnibenevolence.

This possibility is a variant of the Evolving God Theory put forward by late philosopher Charles Hartshorne:

Hartshorne was one of the first philosophers to speculate that God is morally evolving due to the fact that God’s hatred of evil happens to be greater than his motivation for allowing its temporary existence. The disparity between moral hatred and practical motivation eventually unbalances, tipping the scales in favor of God's resolute determination to abolish evil from the universe in the future.

The Best Of All Evil Gods And Natural Selection: The Final Solution

In the end, it may be that the “best of all evil Gods” is a subject of cosmic natural selection, in which God happens to possess a core moral conscience modulating his propensity for evil.

The existence of moral conscience in God explains the mitigation of emotional and physical suffering in non-sociopathic subjects (with absence of mitigation in sociopaths imposed for long-term evolution of the sociopath by instruction in empathy and expression of the concept of justice).

The God carries a ghost of Type-2 Omnibenevolence, instituting an evil world that produces evolutionary pressures yielding positive character, with the positive character derived ultimately from the psychology of a
special being connected to the Q2MP30 God from the very beginning.

The Q2MP3O God, moreover, is absolved from the deliberate invention of evil: the evil in the world is a replication of uncontrollable mental calculations in the mind of God (one can argue that an aspect of God’s omniscience involves the emergence of
unbidden knowledge unexpectedly arising from God's subconscious mind).

(Note: This gives rise to a limited omniscience that fails to know the contents of one's mind before the fact. This limitation is just the kind we would expect from a being with logically possible omniscience. As noted by economist Frederick Hayek:

We cannot self-consciously know the evolutionary activity to which all our conscious thoughts necessarily refer. In order to describe such knowledge, we would need to know how it is conditioned and determined. But in order to describe this knowledge, we would need to possess additional knowledge on how it is conditioned and determined, and so on ad infinitum. Such a mind would soon find itself locked in a perpetual cycle of introspective analysis analogous to what computer scientists call an 'infinite loop' error. The whole idea of the mind explaining itself is a logical contradiction (1952, p192).)

(Dempsey, Gary T: Hayek's Evolutionary Epistemology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Question of Free Will http://www.cato.org/pubs/wtpapers/hayekee.html).

The inherent goodness of the Q2MP3O God, then, lies in his lack of interest and desire for evil to forever exist. If this type of God is running the show, the current evil world only exists to demonstrate the God's power to transform any world into an all-good world.

God And The Mechanism Of Existence

In the end, a good defense lawyer for the Q2MP3O God will argue that there lies ipso facto absolution (for God's role in the existence of evil) in the knowledge that even God is a subject of the "just-so" nature of Existence itself. The mind of God contains content that exists for no other reason than that the content exists. This is the bottom line, the essence of Absurdism. It is the "just-so" nature of the Existence itself, manifest in the mind of God, that is ultimately responsible for God's choice to use an evil world as the subject of transformation.

(This line of reasoning applies to human evil itself, in terms of the "just-so" manner in which the universe affects the brain function of an evil person. If one accepts psychophysicalism, the brain is ultimately at fault for the nature of our world (in terms of evil perception and evil will). The universe might, after all, have produced brains with neurons firing in a way that creates heaven-on-earth.)

If theological natural selection occurs, sufficient mutation in the mind of an evil God may produce Type-3 Omnibenevolence. The newly awakened
Moral Policeman (or Moral Tyrant) will remove all evil from the universe at once, before performing self-lobotomy to rid every mind of the propensity for evil.


The problem of evil, as James H. Dee put it, “has bedeviled sensitive minds for centuries". The existence of human suffering and misery, particularly that suffered by the non-sociopath, is difficult to reconcile with an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God who claims to care for the "poor and needy".

Careful weighing of the evidence (of natural and deliberate evil) against a proposed omnibenevolence that cannot tolerate evil even for a millisecond (Type-3 Omnibenevolence), and an omnipotence that enables a God to immediately remove evil from the universe "with the snap of the fingers"---yields the logical conclusion that a God with Type-3 Omnibenevolence does not exist. Logic also demands that any God that is not 3-Omnibenevolent is necessarily an evil God.

It is important not to turn away from or to willfully deny this conclusion. If one is not an atheist, and if one believes that God created evil OR is powerful enough to remove it at once or prevent its existence in the first place, then the only logical conclusion is that God is evil.

However, a God can be maliciously evil or a God can be "evil" in the sense that the God is inadvertently harmful or harms for good intention. Though absent of malice, this second “evil” is indefensible due to its unfairness, for a God probably would not wish to wear the shoes of the subjects he forces to suffer "for their own good".

The best of all evil Gods, out of the bumper crop of evil Gods that may control our reality, is evil only in choosing THIS world as the subject for transformation into an all-good world. In choosing THIS world, God seems not to have taken into account the conceivable feelings of those forced to participate in the transformation.

This is indefensible, but it pales in comparison to the behavior we would expect from the other Gods, by reason of:

1. The intention of the Q2MP3O God to create an all-good world from an evil world.

2. The prediction that the Q2MP3O God will perform a lobotomy upon himself to ensure that any all-good world remains free of future tampering or ruination.

3. The proposition that the evil in the world is not deliberately and maliciously imagined by the Q2MP3O God, but is a replication of unbidden and unexpected knowledge arising within the mind of the God.

4. The notion that higher laws of existence governing even the mind of God naturally selected THIS pathway to an all-good world.

Given these factors, one can defend the "best of all evil Gods" by the argument that the “just-so” nature and flow of Existence itself bears ultimate responsibility for the presence of natural and deliberate evil---but if the Q2MP3O God exists, we are in a fortuitous predicament: Existence happened to naturally select a God resolved to bring about a happy ending after all, even if the happy ending must arrive by way of a watered-down hell.


Jay M. Brewer
Austin, Texas
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PostSubject: Re: ARE WE RULED BY AN EVIL GOD??? (CONCLUSION)   Fri Nov 06, 2009 10:52 pm

To perceive an image of the Creator, a person has no choice but to see IT as an ideal image of himself.
So who is made of flesh only, death is evil for example that is allowed by his Creator.
And who is made/created to play master/follower in life, evil is anything against the law imposed by the master, mainly the law said from a god.
In brief, each independent person has his own image for his Creator (for instance, mine cannot be found anywhere on the internet). And even for an Atheist, his image is simply... void (unless he also has an image of his Creator that differs from all ones offered on the world's table).
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Potential Contributor

Number of posts : 32
Registration date : 2009-11-06

PostSubject: Re: ARE WE RULED BY AN EVIL GOD??? (CONCLUSION)   Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:49 am

May I add, that:
(1) Forcing creatures to exist
(2) Imposing a law to be followed
(3) Preparing a torturing place for some of them.
form together an evil image of whatever Power created us.

To any 'real' human (born of the Spirit of Love) such above image cannot be real for The true Creator... but to those who are made of the flesh only hence to serve the world as all others creatures do then any image other than a true loving Creator could be welcomed.
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