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 other forum types?

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other forum types? Empty
PostSubject: other forum types?   other forum types? I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 12:10 pm

Have you tried 'invisionfree' type forums? You can do more with them both graphically and in terms of moderation + secret levels. Secret levels can be useful for the more extreme discussions, and only people who you have known for some time could be given permissions to post or view them.

The free one can get closed by invisionfree *if someone reports them* as being against TOS.
I have been on a secret forum for three years with no problems, that is if everyone know each other and trust each other. For this there is a rather lengthy procedure to joining, first a thread about the user ~ which members past yay or nay, then an admin has to allow the new member in.

There is a main forum which is similar to e.g. ilp and such forums, then there are levels behind the scenes. Ideally you can have an open level with just admin authorisation, then a main secret level for trusted members, and other secret areas for specific threads [if needs be].
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other forum types?
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