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 The RC Pope is head executioner.

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The RC Pope is head executioner. Empty
PostSubject: The RC Pope is head executioner.   The RC Pope is head executioner. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 17, 2009 8:14 pm

The RC pope has denounced the use of condoms as a means of fighting the spread of HIV in Africa. The church believes monogamy is the answer, and perhaps it is spread over generations, but the socio economic condition of the African citizen coupled with the short average life span compels them to take whatever pleasures are afforded to them , and sex is free and plentifull. What is the primary motive that drives the Catholic church to ban the use of condoms. Could it be that the only growth segment of their business comes from the third world. It is a numbers game and the Catholic church is prepared to allow the suffering and premature death of their paritioners to gain market share.

How obscene to allow an 81 year old celebate delusionary to negatively influence the lives of the young on the eve of his death. A true sample of the motive of expansionism at any cost.

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The RC Pope is head executioner.
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