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 The Arena

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PostSubject: The Arena   Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:59 pm

The Arena

The Arena sub-forum is designed to pit any number of contestants against one another in rhetorical-philosophical debate. Generally-speaking, there will be no rules whatsoever overseeing the arguments unless explicitly-stated by contestants prior to beginning their debates. You may use emotional and/or logical rhetoric at your leisure to wear down your opponents ability to maintain a reasonable dialogue. As per default, the active Administrator of the Forum will play judge to all arena debates unless explicitly-stated otherwise by contestants. While thread creators own their threads throughout this forum in general; this is not *NECESSARILY* the case here in The Arena sub-forum. The final arbitrator of all points stated in the past, present, and future will be determined by the Judge of said-debate. If no formal judgment is decried, then space, time, and reality will have their objective say as to the right or wrong of your argument(s).

While philosophy should be thought of as an endless rhetorical competition between speakers, at all times, The Arena functions as a specific weapon to your possible case. You may humiliate or be humiliated by an argument outside of The Arena sub-forum, but does it *REALLY* count when nobody but yourself is watching? Thus The Arena sub-forum forcefully-exposes a "philosopher" for what he truly-knows. Perhaps he knows Nothing. Perhaps that is a good thing. Or, perhaps not. We will see. If you have a pair of balls, then enter The Arena at your leisure. Say what you want; challenge who you want to. Challenges that go unanswered will be declared minor victories. If you do not constantly and consistently-represent your own philosophies, for what they are worth, then you have no real use as a "philosopher" to begin with. So what do you have worth saying? What ideas/ideals do you have worth defending, or worth killing over?

Test your metal here...
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The Arena
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