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PostSubject: THE PSYCHE-GENETIC THEORY   THE PSYCHE-GENETIC THEORY I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 12:14 pm


The Union of Soul and Body

Correlating 7 Stages of Individual Development
with 7 Ages of Collective Evolution


1. Psyche-Genetics will be applied as a basic psychoanalytical measurement for evaluating the exact stage of maturity attained by any individual, irrespective of their birth date.
2. Psyche-Genetics, via correlation with specific characteristics of the individual psyche at graduated stages of development, will be able to measure the precise stage of political maturity attained by any society.

General Premise

Metaphysics is seen to be intrinsically fused with physics.

This being so:

An indeterminable charismatic potential flavors the radiation of nuclear energy.

This intangible emanation of conscious awareness is universally present.

It is the motivating attribute that drives all atomic associations towards individualized expressions of creative genius.

Because no two creative expressions are identical, atomic consciousness cannot be evaluated from a purely objective perspective.

Ideation stems from a permutation of an infinite stream of cosmic variables, which the analytical half of the psyche (inclined towards technical innovation and application) cannot, decode and evaluate by deduction alone.

Therefore, if the common effort of physicists and metaphysicians to understand the nature of reality is to succeed, empiricists cannot continue to ignore the input of subjective inspirations that originate via intuitive insight.

Without this inclusion of the powerful charismatic influences that underlie all physical manifestations, the unifying essence of the nuclear equation will remain an enigma.

By focusing on human consciousness as the vehicle of research, this thesis seeks to center attention on the subtle mix of subjective and objective communications that take place between the intuitive and analytical halves of the brain. (see; Hemisphere Disconnection and Unity in Conscious Awareness. Sperry, R.W.)

Holistic communication breaks down if the feminine and masculine cognitive process of both sides of the brain is not harmonized by a balanced curriculum of intuitive and analytical exercises.

Ideation, then, does not flow clearly from the intuitive half of the cortex for comprehensive analysis and creative application by the other half.

Only when the two halves are in harmony, can the full potential for individual and collective genius be realized.

Current national education policies concentrate almost exclusively on analytical indoctrination via a system of rote learning and largely ignore the intuitive impulse.

This one-sided approach to child education results in a mechanistic mind-set, which, while appreciative of logical discourse, leaves the mind’️s infinite potential for creative self-expression largely unexplored.

Students consequently suffer from a serious lack of originality and ethical policing. This loss of ethical focus is clearly apparent in poor examination results, and a virtual epidemic of cheating.

An Absolute standard of Goodness, needs to be introduced as an essential point of focus for the encouragement of ethical development in child education

By more closely associating the evolution of our specie’️s spiritual ethics with our increasingly complex graduation of social contracts, such a correlation will allow us to arrive at a more holistic understanding of the true dynamics of human consciousness.

The on-going cycle of human evolution can be accurately extrapolated from its beginning all the way to its future conclusion, by correlating each Ages of collective maturation, with distinct stages of individual growth. (See Fig 13.)

The high elevation of human consciousness has not intrinsically placed us apart from, or above Nature.

Ethical behavior is instinctively related to the natural Law of Cause and Effect.

We serve our on-going evolutionary purpose as an articulate and creative observer, seeking to arrive at an eventual sagacious stage of full cosmic understanding.

We have yet to holistically realize, that not only our human expression, but also all of the atomic associations in Nature, are charismatic expressions of the same spiritual Presence.

In this respect Psyche-Genetics reaffirms, in modern terms, the intuitive Belief held by all societies throughout all our past Ages of evolution that the human body is inhabited by a soul.

Because all atomic associations generally confirm to ethical standards of charismatic attraction, and are repelled by unethical trespass, the universal expression of atomic consciousness can be termed to be Divine.

Thus the inner force that drives us far beyond the basic biological imperatives of procreation and consumption, and inspires us to express our own unique creative genius, is divinely spiritual.

The scientific objection to anthropomorphic comparison, between human consciousness and other atomic associations, is over-ruled for two distinct reasons:

First; the objection constitutes an unfair bias that disassociates the atomic nature of humans from all other atomic associations, when there is no scientific evidence to prove that is so.

Second; a wealth of synchronistic circumstantial evidence, subjective as it may be, will be presented, which links human behavior with a universal set of ethical laws of cause and effect that govern atomic associations throughout Nature.

The evidence that will be presented to validate the above conclusions covers a broad spectrum of global cultures in various stages of development.

It is a mix of objective and subjective observations, gleaned piecemeal, during thirty years of research, while producing a series of internationally broadcast television documentaries on social and spiritual behavior.

Social Premise:

Psyche-Genetics focuses on the intimate connection, between the individual and the societal structure that supports personal growth.

The basic tenet is that the microcosm (individual psyche) can be seen as a duplicate expression of the macrocosm (collective psyche).

Because we have some rudimentary understanding of each stage of the full life cycle of individual development between birth and death, the direct connection with the collective psyche allows us, via correlation, to determine the entire cycle of human evolution. Infancy correlates with Stone Age consciousness; Childhood with the Bronze Age; Puberty with the Iron Age – and so on - all the way to our collective sage-hood, in a future Age yet to be experienced.. . (See Fig 13.)

This final Cosmic Age will terminate our evolutionary cycle, and mankind will be reunited with the Universal Self, which originated in the Big Bang.

The importance of this grand over-view of human evolution, with its holistic view of our eventual destination, allows individuals, as well as entire societies who may be in various stages of development, to evaluate themselves and determine, via association, the degree of their mental and emotional states of self-awareness.

Via this knowledge, our global society can shed itself of all the immature ethnic, political and religious arguments, that divide us from our greater Self, and which make international tensions so dangerous at this critical moment in time.

The reason for the distortions in, both race, and international relations at this time, is that the modern psyche is still in a formative stage of evolutionary development. The theory will show that our most advanced societies are currently, immaturely locked into a pseudo-intellectual process of scientific self-determination, and are struggling to transcend a state of ideological political argumentation, religious protestation and spiritual rejection.

Population and environmental pressures are driving us into a mass change of consciousness, forcing us to evolve, beyond narrow nationalism, into a more mature sense of self-awareness to gain a sober realization of our larger global responsibilities.

For this New Age consciousness to be achieved, a holistic evaluation of the health of both the individual psyche and the collective psyche has to be based on a more reverential understanding of the kindred-ness of our ancestral past. This will allow a less cynical and broader perspective of the present, which in turn projects a clearer and more hopeful vision of our future.

Simply stated: A wiser understanding of both, past and future, needs to be ever-present in the consciousness, before peace of mind and heart, in each self and upon this earth, can be attained - and a Nuclear Age of creative global stewardship can take place.

Spiritual Premise:

The fundamental metaphysical argument in Psyche-Genetics is that spiritual growth has traditionally been, and always will be, an essential dynamic in both the individual and the collective’️s social development.

There should be no division between Church and State for they exist to serve the same behavioral ethics and are aimed at the same evolutionary goals. (Atheism represents a temporary and necessary reactionary state of pseudo-intellectual enquiry, seeking to balance an Iron Age of over-zealous scriptural dogma.)

The theory transcends all current theological arguments regarding the divine Design of Creation by stating that the origin of consciousness has to be an essential charismatic attribute of atomic magnetism.

Thus if the germ of consciousness has always been present from the beginning, then the act of Creation cannot be purely random. Design has to be the major factor.

Because surprise is an essential component in Divine Delight, then a tiny degree of randomness may well be a part of the greater cosmic equation. (Design alone would mean that the end result of Creation would be totally predictable and thereby illicit little more than Divine boredom.) It is that element of a gamble, small as it may be which produces the dynamic that makes creation exciting, while holding chaos at bay. (The old argument between Einstein and Bohr is hereby hopefully put to rest)

So it can be said: If: Each atom houses the essence of soul, spiked with the random element. Then: All atomic associations in the Cosmos comprise the ecstatic state of the Over-Soul.

This thesis validates the underlying purpose of an Age of scientific determination, which transcended our species’️ initial atavistic understandings of the atomic Godhead and has provided us with an empirical quantification of the atom’️s mechanics.

Psyche-Genetics links the mechanical limitations of atomic physics and the mystery of Dark Energy, with the infinitely more creative metaphysical potential that lies at the heart of the nuclear equation;

It intimates that the evolution of mankind, which began in the Big Bang, might possibly be the most charismatic manifestation of atomic energy in the cosmos.

The inevitable conclusion is that the phenomenal rise of human consciousness above all others in Nature, constitutes in effect – both the witness and the creative reason for Divine Self Expression.

[size=125]Defining the Distinctions
between Individual and Collective Graduations of Development

Though the full development of the individual psyche has not been generally summarized as follows; we will show that each person, in normal circumstances, experiences a graduation of seven distinct stages of consciousness at specific intervals of growth between birth and death.


Each of these graduations can be both quantified and qualified by relating each stage of maturation to a sequence of increasingly artificial perceptions of space and time. They can also be separately identified by the degree of spiritual ethics each stage intuitively responds to. (See Fig 13.)
The intimate relationship between the individual and society, and the profound nature of that association, can only be understood and verified when the connection is made between the growth of the individual’️s consciousness and a corresponding growth in the evolution of the collective consciousness. In this latter instance, we know that human evolution has experienced four distinct Ages of evolutionary development to date.


Each of these Ages, and the approximate dates when each mass change of consciousness occurred, can be clearly defined by a graduated extension of increasingly complex social cooperatives and more advanced occupational and technological constructs.


Each of these Ages can be further defined by a corresponding modification of spiritual belief systems.


(The atheistic dismissal of the Universal Soul during the Steel Age is not complete, in as much as there are still hold-over fundamentalists in all the major religions who cling to Iron Age scriptural dogma. There also remain undeveloped societies and modern eccentrics who still practice Bronze Age shaman mediumship and Stone Age animism.)

There is much argument about whether or not the mainstream of modern consciousness is entering a New Age of globalism with a corresponding ontological) revival of spiritual awareness. This thesis argues in the affirmative and states that we are already 4 generations into the Nuclear Age – and that the new consciousness has already begun to manifest itself amongst many millions, who seek to meld nuclear physics with metaphysics.

So if we accept a 5th Shift in the collective consciousness and look at the evolutionary graph as it is to date, here is what we get.


Now comes the revelatory part. We will show that if we connect the 7 stages of individual maturation with each Age of our collective evolution – that connection allows us to project two more Ages of Collective maturation onto our evolutionary graph. The prediction is that an Age of Solar Mastership and a transcendental Age of Cosmic Sagehood will follow the Nuclear Age.


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Animated Voice
Animated Voice

Number of posts : 235
Registration date : 2008-12-19

PostSubject: Re: THE PSYCHE-GENETIC THEORY   THE PSYCHE-GENETIC THEORY I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 12:15 pm

Explaining the Correlation between the Individual Psyche
and the Collective Psyche

1. Stone Age – Infancy

[size=109]The Collective Stone Age Psyche[/size]

The trail of mitachandrial DNA evidence leads all human societies back to our ancestral origins among the Kalahari Bushmen. Forty years ago there were still isolated family groups of Kalahari Bushman who continued to live a Stone Age existence in the Central Desert. In hunter/gatherer societies, from childhood onwards, all the waking hours are invested in survival: in the search for food; in its preparation; the manufacture of tools, hunting weapons, snares, clothing etc. With their life style entirely based on the exigencies of the moment, they live a seamless existence in a naïve state of relativity, with no practical need to measure Time and Space as we do.

Because each moment is unpredictable, they live their lives in a comparative state of joyful anticipation, which is illustrated in song, dance and art - with only occasional twinges of pain. From an early age they remain superstitiously connected to the underlying spirit of Nature, and intuitively try to remain in harmony with Her ethic of non-trespass. The experience of pain is always the result of unnatural trespass, an intuitive connection in their lively minds that is never mistaken and correction is quickly made. As a net result the analytical concept of victimization never clouds the psyche or interferes with its innocent state of self-awareness.

This, in turn produces a co-operative, self-policed, member of the family group. The one social discipline that is religiously cultivated in a Stone Age family group is the ethic of sharing. Infants, as soon as they are weaned from the breast, are meticulously urged to share. Adult generosity, especially when displayed by the males, is the only mechanism by which any form of personal stature can be gained in a matriarchal hunter/gatherer society. (The survival advantages that the cultivation of the sharing ethic provides, is the fundamental evolutionary distinction that elevated man above other animals – making man, in effect, super-natural. It encourages the ethic of social commitment and allows infirm elders to survive longer and have the leisure to pass on their learning to the younger generation.) Free from the tedium and personal responsibilities of set chores, and not unduly concerned with personal ambitions to rise in the social order, with no private wealth to accumulate and guard, the individual psyche remains timeless, guileless, creative and humorous throughout life, with no special need for social direction or spiritual ministering. In short, they are our innocent Adam and Eve in Eden, before the apple was eaten. With 99,000 generations invested in the Stone Age, practicing the fundamental values of a superstitious reverence for Nature and learning to share and care, these ethical foundations are intrinsic behavioral imprints in the human gene pool. This foundation of imprinted memory is the reason that when each infant is born, we are not faced with the impossible task of civilizing a basic primate.

The Infant Psyche

When we examine the budding psyche of a modern infant, we see that it experiences existence much the same way a Bushman does. They live from moment to moment, mostly delightedly, and only occasionally painfully - with no practical need to measure time and space. We also find that after they are weaned (between 3rd and 4th years) and gain a better grasp of language, that it is remarkably easy to get them to evoke intuitive memory imprints.. Very little argument is required to point out that all forms of physical and emotional distress are the result of deviant behavior and get them to acknowledge the subtle connection to unnatural trespass. Nature has Her own way of assisting the parents in instilling this self-policed behavior. It only takes a few synchronistic “accidents” to get them to understand that by not sharing, or showing disrespect for elders, or engaging in the desecration of Nature, those trespasses result in painful correction. Within a short while a superstitious sense of awareness takes hold and they become self-policed – not running so quickly to mommy each time a pain reaches out to remind them about ethical behavior. This natural form of discipline does not impinge on analytical evaluations that may be open to disagreement and consequent feelings of resentment. As a result of superstitious evocation the innocent infant psyche is not clouded or crippled by victimization, which forestalls any subsequent manifestation of rebellious behavior. Properly seated in the Natural Laws of Cause and Effect, the individual psyche remains self-policed for life. Thus, via these behavioral similarities, the naïve state of: Infant and Stone Age psyches are correlated.


2. Bronze Age - Childhood.

The Collective Bronze Age Psyche

There are Bantu tribesmen in remote locations that have not been unduly contaminated by outside influences, and continue to live a Bronze Age, oral-based, agricultural life style. It is among them that we rediscover mankind’️s first rude artificial divisions of space and time. In a rural farm-based economic system, time and space are related to rough agricultural divisions – the land space to be cleared for planting, the time needed for tending, harvesting etc. Such a population has no need for more precise measurements than seasonal divisions. The need to toil in the soil and domesticate live-stock in order to exist requires the initiation and assignments of chore-based disciplines. The tedium of chores forces the individual psyche to take notice of the time and scope it takes to complete various tasks. Thus time imposes the false status of a burden and takes some of the delight out the moment. The psyche bows beneath the burden primarily because of the sure promise that diligent effort will provide future rewards. The endless tedium of daily chores inevitably induces elements of laziness, deceit and resultant feelings of guilt among some family members. The imprinted ethic of meticulous sharing is thereby impinged upon and the shadow of guilt is introduced into the former guileless psyche. The evocation of the animist’️s spiritual ethic brings on superstitious fears of painful reprisal. No longer naively in touch with the Universal Soul, because of the artificial construct of time and space that agriculture imposed upon the psyche - the sense of ‘evilness’️ that unequal effort introduced needed to be exorcised. The memories and importunes of departed ancestors haunted the guilty ones Thus, among all Bronze Age societies, the need for psychic mediums or shamans as mediators between the living and the dead arose. As the Bronze Age wore on, drought, crop failure, clan vendetta and other physical ailments were seen as manifestations and reprisals for collective guilt.

Rituals were developed and sacrifices made to alleviate social angst and bring one better fortune. Ancestral spirits were evoked in a effort to get them to mediate with a veritable host of gods, demigods demons, ogres, sprites and imps; who were believed to reign over the weather, war, forests, swamps rivers and mountains etc. As the Age developed and man domesticated flocks and herds of animals and consequently had to protect them and do battle with the great cats. The ethic of personal courage had to be developed in the human psyche. Initiation lodges and painful circumcision ceremonies and wilderness ordeals became an integral aspect of all Bronze Age societies. And thus, over a period of 600 generations, the work-ethic, the courage ethic, and a superstitious need to have magicians mediate with spiritual forces was imprinted in the human gene pool and helped to define our Bronze Age psyche.

The Child Psyche

When we examine the consciousness of a pre-pubertal child that has not been rote indoctrinated inside a school classroom, we find almost the same rude understanding of time and space. Because of its rewards, birthdays and Christmas days are of significance – or any other period in which a reward is offered – but the price is the discipline of chores. Time is divided by the period between chores and play. School is the modern chore-based burden, and playground competition the release. We see too in the childhood psyche, especially of the sharing ethic or work ethic has been neglected, an instinctive fear of the dark, of wizards and witches and evil goblins hiding under the bed or in the closet – and the need for fairies to still their fears. In playground games and fights, we see the respect children have for individual displays of courage and personal initiative. Thus, via these similarities, the childhood psyche is correlated with the Bronze Age.


3. Iron Age - Puberty

The Collective Iron Age Psyche

Up until the end of WWII, Japanese society remained embedded in the once universal Iron Age concept of monarchal divinity. National reverence for divine authority, embodied in the reigning monarch, together with a religiously indoctrinated scriptural dogma, were the central tenets that sustained national unity and defined an Iron Age consciousness. Both worked to encourage personal integrity and the development of a national industry of conscientious effort. Craftsmanship further artificialized time and space by reducing linear measurements to units that were far more precise than those employed in the earlier agricultural Age. The earlier imprints of the sharing, caring and work ethics, instilled in the two previous Ages, were the foundation stones that supported and sustained our evolution into the Iron Age. For almost two hundred generations the Iron Age served to imprint the ethical constructs of a devout reverence for Divine authority, a profound respect for Scripture, and conscientious craftsmanship in the collective psyche of man.

The Individual Pubertal Psyche

Comparison with pubertal initiations and ordeals that were designed to graduate the child psyche into a deeper sense of community commitment and instill a more mature mind-set, reveals striking psychological similarities with the collective Iron Age psyche. We see a reverential awe inside the initiation lodge for the elders who reveal hidden truths in tribal lore. An instinctive sense of obedience is displayed while undergoing painful circumcision rituals and wilderness ordeals. If scripture is only introduced for the first time at this age, instead of been rote imprinted during childhood as modern societies do at present, we see an almost magical sense of appreciation for the printed word and manner in which ancient ancestral beliefs and heroic deeds can be religiously preserved from generation to generation. At this age there is also a better grasp of more complex mathematical divisions of time and space. Thus via these similarities the pubertal psyche is correlated with the Iron Age.


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PostSubject: Re: THE PSYCHE-GENETIC THEORY   THE PSYCHE-GENETIC THEORY I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 12:16 pm

4. Steel Age - Teenhood

The Collective Steel Age Psyche

We have written evidence of the first emergence of abstract argument, arising in the Orient as well as the Occident, at around 500 BC via the philosophical and theological discourses of Loa Tse, Confucius, Siddhartha Gautama. Pythagorus, Socrates and Plato. As none of them broke entirely with the Iron Age tenet of Divine origin, we have to credit Aristotle and his scientific approach, as the first man to initiate a Steel Age of metaphysical degeneration in human society. His argument gradually relegated religious scripture and its ministration to a position of secondary importance in advanced societies and established empiricism as the criteria for the measurement and evaluation of creation. The analytical half of the collective psyche gradually become fixed on the Newtonian concept of a definable, clockwork universe that had very little to do with Divine manipulation. This established the ground for atheism. The gradual erosion of belief in Divine appointment, led eventually to rebellious national declarations of independence, the dissolution of monarchies and the establishment of Republics and democratic rule. Colonization and the mix of nationalities via inter-marriage, served to break down a purely ethnic sense of national jingoism and ushered in a more broad-minded international consciousness.

The inroads into religious Faith, and the dismissal of ancient spiritual rituals that were designed to emphasize ethical behavior, led to a loss of ancestral reverence and the weakening of the foundational ethics of sharing, caring, chores, courage, craftsmanship. A sense of self-determination replaced former unquestioning obedience to higher authority, Despite massive advances in technological achievements, the de-emphasis of almost all our ancestral traditions led to a corresponding loss of evolutionary focus. The net result is an immature, pseudo-intellectual prodigal collective psyche, irreverent of our prehistoric past, and consequently not sure of its present position in time and space or of any final destination. This has led to a highly exploitative capitalistic economic policy based on short term profits. The modern irrational and aimless stance is evidenced in the contradictory insistence on identifying itself as kindly Christian culture of forgiveness and non-violence, while quick to wage war on neighbors, even advocating pre-emptive strikes as it gambles with species extinction via weapons of mass destruction.

The Teenage Psyche

Even the most cursory examination of the modern teenage psyche reveals an almost precise similarity to that of the collective. We see a self-determinate, irreverent psyche, insistent on independent self-expression, fixed in pseudo-intellectual argument in politics, religion and every other subject under the sun. It is generally atheistic, promiscuous, adulterous, oft times rebellious, quick to gamble, daringly reckless, with little concern for future well-being. All too few display a truly sober sense of family values and environmental concern. Thus these similarities correlate the teen psyche with the Steel Age.


5. Nuclear Age - Stewardship

The Collective Nuclear Age Psyche

The presentation of the nuclear theory in 1900, introduced mankind to the 5th great shift in the collective consciousness. Nuclear physicists discovered charismatic reactions in sub-atomic particle behavior and the idea of a determinable clockwork universe came under question. The explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945 and the subsequent development of the hydrogen bomb with its potential to destroy all life on the planet, together with the international threat of mutual destruction during the Cold War, led to the awakening of a broader sense of globalism. During the 1960’️s western societies experienced a massive revival of spiritual consciousness via the so-called “hippie” love culture movement. This in turn led to a deeper appreciation of the universality of human brotherhood, the civil rights movement and broad-based environmental concerns. The former glory of colonial imperialism and its ruthless exploitation of global resources and human labor fell into disrepute. All these elements has produced a New Age consciousness, characterized by a more sober appreciation of mankind’️s responsibilities to each other and to the home planet, together with an awakening spirituality.

The Stewardship Psyche

The biblical parable of the Prodigal Son, who squandered his ancestral inheritance and returned to his father’️s estate with a more responsible attitude, symbolizes the budding individual psyche of the Nuclear Age. There are now hundreds of private organizations, motivated by a sense of global stewardship, busy at work all over the planet, tending to problems that the larger consciousness, represented by western governments, has yet to take full responsibility for. The are as much a two hundred million westerners who have become individually conscious of a more sober sense of self and who have initiated a more mature attitude to their lives. Their conscience has pricked them into having a deeper sense of community service that is not entirely related to financial reward and the accumulation of private wealth, which characterized their former Steel Age consciousness. This new consciousness, once it is fully applied to the massive planet management challenges that lie ahead of us during the 21st Century, foreshadows the sense of mastership that will arrive once peace reigns on this world. Thus this Stewardship psyche correlated with the Nuclear Age.


6. Solar Age - Mastership

The Collective Mastership Psyche

When the challenges of planet management have been met and the global estate is running smoothly, a sense of true mastership will envelop the collective psyche. As our populations continue to expand, we will reach out beyond the home planet and enjoy the challenges of near space occupation, while terra-forming other worlds and moons in our solar sphere. We will do this colonization without fear of our former trespasses on new worlds. Spiritually we will be blessed with extra-sensory communion with all the atomic forces that surround us, with the ability to command and manipulate them by will. The loving energy radiated by the Sun, our Earth and the Moon will be consciously experienced as a direct communion.

The Individual Mastership Psyche

During the Solar Age our first true sense of parenthood will be experienced. We will be in direct contact with spiritual beings seeking rebirth and experience the joy of bringing them down to Earth, to be loved and guided by us on their path to full self-realization. During this Age our specie will reap the full reward of all the Ages of effort that we have put into our evolution as our parks and playgrounds are filled with all the joy and love our specie is capable of experiencing.


7. Cosmic Age - Sagehood

During this final Age our species’️ evolutionary cycle will come to an end and the mundane will be transcended. We will be Cosmic wizards in every sense of the word. We will assume our seat at the Center of Galactic Command as Companions of a United God. We will be able to assume any form at will and translocate to wherever we wish, back and forward through Time and Space.

Individually we will be able to access the subtle nuances of every personal memory imprinted in the DNA throughout or organic evolution.



Should the Psyche-Genetic premise prove to resonate with the general population, it will resolve the current debate over Intelligent Design – reaffirm the Universal commonalty of ethical behavior and its repulsion of trespass - and in that process provide the global society with a clear and unambiguous vision of our future destination and the standards of behavior that will be required to accomplish our current Nuclear Age responsibilities.

The theory attempts to provide a more holistic psychological standard for assessing the current maturity of international social structures that are in various stages of evolutionary development.

Via correlation with collective development, it introduces a standard psychiatric methodology for measuring the level of individual maturity that is achieved during each graduation of the developing psyche.[i]
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