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 Lesson I:

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PostSubject: Lesson I:   Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:40 pm

Lesson I:

The human mind/brain generally-works the same from person-to-person. All human animals, people, can be said to "cognize thought" in order to explain the functions of the Common Mind. This process is commonly-referred to as 'thinking'. However, 'thinking' is a radically-different act than 'cognizing'. -- and these terms should be separated from one-another so that they are not confused. "I think, therefore I am." ≠ "I cognize, therefore I am." This difference poses to us a set of necessary questions: "What is thinking? What is cognizing? What are the differences and similarities between these phenomenons? Why is this important to know?" To begin answering these questions, everybody must understand that wholly-sufficient answers are impossible with respect to the thirsty-mind. In other words, there will be no full description or explanation of the human mind here & now. As such, there will only be a response to these general inquiries crafted through the construction & deconstruction of our collective Logos. Logic is the key to the human mind. The 'male' gender holds the power of this key and he may choose to unlock the door at any time. If such thoughts will not be properly-understood, then the mind is not 'male' at all and will never hold the key, or, the genetic marker.


Male-logic can be very, very simple. There are only *TWO* kinds of knowable/logical statements in the A priori-sense.

1. The apple fell because I saw the apple fall. (Sufficient Reason)

2. If the apple fell, then I imagine the apple fell. (Necessary Reason)

3. {The Null Set}

Male-logic can also be very, very complex. There are at least *SEVEN* kinds of knowable/logical judgments in the A posteriori-sense.

4. First doubt: I distrust everything. (Authorship Nullification)

5. Second doubt: I assume anything. (Particularity Testing)

6. Third doubt: I assume something. (Suggestive Compensation)

7. Fourth doubt: I assume nothing. (Realization Theory)

8. Fifth doubt: I believe nothing. (Skeptical Dissonance)

9. Sixth doubt: I am nothing. (Embodiment & Material Osmosis)

0. Seventh doubt: I know nothing. (Actualization Theory)


The essence of Eros exists as directly-contrary to Logos. If logic is the left hand, then emotion is the right hand. Somewhere within the depths of Human History an event occurred that forever separated Man from Mankind: a deviation, a fragmentation of specie. However, this was not a separation of Gender but of Sex. While walking upon Earth with two functioning sexual anatomies, Early Man as Hermaphroditus understood He could self-replicate, as a lizard may unisexually-reproduce for example. And this was no great or special thing to ancient Mammalian creatures. It was "the norm". Furthermore, it was not until the Human Animal conquered the primordial Fear of the Other that likeness attracted likeness. The Human Animal would come together, out of curiousity, eventually-forming uneasy relations with one-another. Then, at some point in time, Di-sexuality as we know it occurred: Self (I) mated with the Other (thou). And this is the beginning not only of Human Sexuality, but Sexuality-in-general. This is the moment in time in which genetic diversity was made possible, and probable, by depending on external circumstances and situations.

The first Di-sexually-reproducing mammals (our human ancestors) found it beneficial to form longer-lasting relationships over time. What originally-attracted them to one another was likeness: Vanity, the First Cause of Virtuosity. And this vanity would make the first Tribal Unit a new possibility to become fully-formed over vast periods of time and generations. The early human "Manimal" would come together, to reproduce, and then form more longer-lasting relations with one-another as these creatures came to learn, cognize, realize, and predict the Others instinctive/intuitive/intellectual interactions. Thus, genetic diversity was created as a reciprocal and divergent affect opposed to memetic diversity. There can be no doubt that these Manimals mimicked one-another. This meme-behavior quelled their extreme existential anxiety so that one felt safe and comforted by another. Human cognization begins. Patterns of predictability form around the condition of I & Thou. The result: the first Human Tribe is formed as the model for *ALL* subsequent generations of Mankind as we see ourselves today. Adam & Eve have created their family, their tribe ... the Human Race begins.

Di-sexuality does not imply a divergence of 'gender'. The Male-Female Separation comes next, which is the topic of this thread. The First Human Tribe was theoretically-composed of all 'XY' markers: The Manimal, Hermaphroditus. All members of the tribe probably-had two fully-functioning human genitalia, or, the genitalia could metamorphosize based on necessity of function. This is as close to 'Equality' as Mankind has ever been throughout the Aeons of Human History, as a tribal unit. Then, as time passed and tribes grew in strength & power, based on social utility (i.e. the creation of Utilitarianism), the first sapplings formed to provide for the specialization of species. With this newfound genetic multiplicity, mutations (caused by both incest & intermixing) allowed for larger & stronger Manimals to do larger & stronger tasks (Defense against predators). Thus the 'male'-gender was born. The smaller & weaker Manimals still provided for another task (Child-birthing & rearing). Thus the 'female'-gender was born. This genetic marker first became signified by a fragmentation between 'Man' and 'Woman': 'XY' -> 'XX'. 'Woman' did not exist before this incident. She is the first branch of the Human Tree of Knowledge, but she is not the Trunk. Man is.

Over the course of countless millenniums, this separation has evolved to form two completely-different human brains. On the one hand, you have Man (XY). On the other hand, you have Woman (XX). Therefore should be no surprise that the World as we contemporarily-know it is purely-based on 'Inequality'. The cause for this is the First Cause: divergence, fragmentation, and reassembly of Specie in order to produce a strengthened social state, otherwise known as our Sociality. The wealthy manimal becomes wealthier. The working manimal becomes harder working. The politickal manimal becomes more politickal. The warrior manimal becomes more warlike. The intelligent manimal becomes more intelligent. Groups form, as if inside a high school cafeteria, where social groups intermingle but do not necessarily-intersect. Nerd males fuck nerd females. Jock males fuck jock females (cheerleaders). Outcast males fuck outcast females (criminals). But none of this truly-explains the divergence of gender.

The difference between male-logic and female-logic is the 'gender' classification of species. Not unlike the 'sexual' classification, 'gender' also diverges/splits/fragments/breaks as expected. This is occurring today in Human History right here & now. Whoever can predict the next forms will become world-famous scientists that will have their names marked down by Historians. The primary difference between 'male' and 'female', 'Man' and 'Woman', adult and child, Manimal and Animal, is: The former is able to think, while the latter is not. In other words, the Intelligent mind is able to discriminate, imagine, and abstract raw sensual possibilities of what can or cannot become true, real, possible, or probable. A "real man", regardless of his specified tasks within his Sociality, must necessarily-accomplish this task of thinking in order to dominate his social realm. The *BEST* football players can 'think'. The *BEST* military generals can 'think'. The *BEST* corporate owners can 'think'. And these are *ALL* men, not women, by definition. Because as I have properly-shown, women cannot, never have, and never will 'think' as the term is now coined. It should not even be coined to become inclusive, because it would become definitively-inaccurate to display, portray, or describe the affect and/or role that women play in *ALL* human societies ... as only-mothers, nothing more, nothing less.

It should come as no surprise or shock to a more intelligent mind to learn that Man can 'think' and Woman cannot 'think', because it is apparent through the division of Logos & Eros. While a man has access to logic, it does not mean that he will ever come to use/utilize it. His mind may have been feminized by currently-unknown affects that fully-cause this transformation, or dilution, of genetic code. Regardless, gender categorizations will split because of the affects, if not now, then soon. Male-logic and female-logic (which goes unspoken as of yet), are by degree, of course. If you strive for one, then you will lack in the other. However, women cannot cross the boundary set forth by my predication. The mind of woman only has one tool to use, not two. They are genetically-handicapped from the start. What they can do, though, is fully-utilize their female-logic with accordance to the Best Man (be him football player, the president, a military general, a doctor, etc.). In other words, it is only through her association to him that she will become powerful. The power in-and-of-itself is formed by Logos.

The cause of this? -- Competition & Perpetual War amongst Mankind, to become God.
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Lesson I:
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