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 The Collapse of Amerikan Power

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PostSubject: The Collapse of Amerikan Power   Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:39 am

I cannot say for certain when the Amerikan Empire was originally-formed, only that it has been, and only that I live inside of it.

As part of this Monstrosity, I can tell you many things with great confidence. The Amerikan allies consist of 1) England, 2) Canada, 3) Mexico, 4) South America, 5) China, and 6) Australia. Our leading enemies are 1) Russia, 2) The Middle East, and 3) The European Union. Amerika is now beset with a full case of what I call "Social Nihilism". It is the collective erasing of the past, present, and future in order to clear the way for more grandiose ideologies by burning its weathered brushes. I can see what will happen before it happens; time is a train that cannot be diverted from its proper course. The reason for this Social Nihilism is spurned forth by the deathblow that Nietzsche, the Anti-Christ, has landed to Amerikan-Christian-Fundamentalism. The rise of Amerikan college students preaching Nietzschean world views is no coincidence along with the rise of Neo-liberalism and extreme Social Communism. In fact, this Anti-Christ, Neo-Liberal mindset will probably-come to dominate Amerika for the next two decades ... until the backlash occurs. The banks are breaking; the Amerikan Economy is failing.

Here is the world I live in here & now: The Economy.

I cannot help but recall a conversation I had with my father this Winter regarding the situation of my Non-culture. Amerika has been broken in its backside by the failed Bush Doctrine. It was inevitable. If Westerners can recall the September 11th, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Centers, then perhaps the Common Mind may also recall the words of Osama Bin Laden. This Islamic 'terrorist' had a combat plan against the United States, much to anybody's surprise. And his plan was very, very simple. He devised a strategy to bleed Amerika dry (of our temple's gold caches) as it had done to Russia in Afghanistan. And like a moth to the flame, us Amerikans could not resist ourselves. I blame my youth at the time for being so ignorant. I was 18-years-old on September 11th, 2001. I was working as a welder in the business owned by my father. I remember a co-worker coming into the door and telling me that planes had hit the World Trade Center. I remember the morning light outside the door as clear as I can see these words in front of me right now.

The plan of Osama Bin Laden was simple: engage the USA in a foreign war, bleed their assets dry, and let them retreat. After they retreat, take back all that had been conquested by the invading armies (The Coalition Forces). The time is coming where USA will do just that; we will retreat under Obama's presidency. Neo-liberalism will ensure this. After this occurs, Osama Bin Laden (if he is still alive) will claim victory over the USA, fully-emasculating Amerika's World Power. This will become one of many military defeats of the full Amerikan Empire within the last century. Since winning the Cold War, Amerika will have lost two major skirmishes in Vietnam, and now Iraq/Afghanistan. Amerika *AND* Russia, the two Global Superpowers will have *BOTH* fallen to Islamic Extremists hellbent on revolutionary guerrilla tactics. Osama Bin Laden's prophecy will become self-fulfilling. He will have defeated *TWO* world superpowers. The average Amerikan attention-span does not care for long-term effects, no matter how detrimental they may be. Cancer is becoming the #1 killer of Amerikan Citizens. A spiritual disease racks the heart of the Common Mind. Life is becoming hollow: Social Nihilism.

A primary attitude can be seen from these social phenomenons. Losing two major wars, the collapse of our World Economy (Capitalism), and preaching Communism are all signs of a Great Emasculation effect of the Human Specie. What war can be waged that is worth fighting anymore in the first place? Shall Amerika nuke some foreign countries ... or invade them? What would be the point? Amerikans neither have the balls nor the will to do this anymore. And this marks both the height and plateau of Amerikan Power in the 21st Century.

Next, trade wars will grip the globe as Capitalism crumbles to the ground. Human greed is too predictable. The have-nots are fed up with the haves. The monumental skyscrapers of shit that Amerika has built will tumble down as they did on 9/11, this time metaphorically. Osama Bin Laden will win...

There is not much I can say as an Amerikan to stop Fate from happening. I could point the blame at many, many different things, but that is not the aim of this post & thread. This is mostly a reminder to those people who have been closely-watching the events that have unfolded, and desire to know what is going to happen next. A Communism can be a good thing, in a Socialistic sense. If you are a Neo-liberal, then your future is guaranteed. If you are a Neo-conservative, however, then you are essentially-fucked. The Amerikan Republick has fallen, thanks to the weakness of Conservative Politicians & Thinkers throughout the 20th & 21st century. Nobody could have accounted for the rise to power of George W. Bush, and the stupidity & arrogance that followed. The Founding Fathers of Amerika had intending to keep an Amerikan Republick for as long as possible. This time is over. The Amerikan Empire has now fully-formed. The Fall is imminent and predictable. In due time, things will fragment and appear all-too-predictable to the discriminating minds that pay attention.

And it pays to pay attention. Here is what will happen next:

The world outside the Amerikan Empire, everybody, is going to refuse sending their money to Amerika --unless-- on the strict condition that an unspoken agreement is created that Amerika sequester some of its power. Amerikans, being as greedy as we are, will agree to these terms. Rather than taking the long, hard, and broken road of self-service and self-sacrifice, Amerikans will take the easy path again & again & again to serve their/our Status Quo. Stupidity must be protected at all costs. Of course, in time, this pressure will build upon itself. Eventually, the rest of the world will demand that total respect and equality be paid to other countries big or small, rich or poor, worthy or unworthy. And this is where Amerika will refuse the rest of the world. I don't know when it will happen ... within a century, maybe two, maybe three? Regardless, war will become imminent. The taxpayers will come to collect, and Amerika is broke. All we will have at this point in time is a bunch of nuclear bombs and the allies who have not left us. On the other hand, other foreign nations will band together, with money, with weapons, build an army, and shall come to collect on its dues.

Amerika cannot afford the debt it has created for itself. Osama Bin Laden, an enemy to my home, is/was a military genius.

His strategy has worked; his prophecy is completing-itself.

The main problem in Amerika, and the Western World, is stupidity. There is no doubt about this. Stupidity within itself is not so big of a problem socially-speaking; it really is not. However, when you combine such anti-intellectualism of Amerikans *ON TOP OF* a society completely-devoid of culture and Moral Authority, that is when the shit hits the fan. The long term effects are thus: 1) Amerika is only respected for its Power, not its Word, 2) Amerika will go bankrupt, and 3) without Moral Authority, Amerika will necessarily-be thrust into a physical World War III. But nobody cares for any of what I say. That is fine with me. I do not expect civil or reasonable conversations in my day & age, because nobody is worth me talking to on one hand, and those worth talking to on the other are devoid of morals, sick, fucking animals. Neither has a Word, because neither own what they say, ever. That is another topic; I digress...

I am an Amerikan Citizen. I would enjoy to see my fallen Republick rise again. I would enjoy to see my decadent Empire last forever.

I am not so naive. History repeats, and repeats, and repeats. When you trace the roots of Amerikan Conquest, then you will see that we were rooted from English Charlatans, who were rooted from European Religiosos, who were rooted from Roman Catholicism, who were rooted from Greek Hellenism. And using this path of knowledge, there will be no doubts about the eventual fate of the Amerikan Empire. It will fall; it will fragment. There will be blood. And none of this is because I want it. Like I said already: I don't. I am just not so stupid as to delude myself away from the fate of the land where I was born & raised. The wars of tomorrow are fought today. Where allegiances break, and where allegiances fall, is what is best known by those who are predetermined to know such things.

The Amerikan Empire will split apart in terms of Neo-liberal Communists (NWO) and Neo-conservative World Republickans (Anarchists). Both will turn to their respective leaders, who are already-preaching their stupid shit across the internet in the form of rhetoric and propaganda. Fate is inevitable. The masses await the flood gates opening. It is only a matter of time now.

We live in a glorious world today.
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PostSubject: Re: The Collapse of Amerikan Power   Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:32 am



Bin Laden's tactic to bleed the Americans is by no means original. It was a mainstay of the wars of de-colonization. This tactic is discussed at length for example in Mao or Fanon.

In de-colonization literature, the tactic is defensive, to exhaust the American (Belgian, French...) imperialist will to continue the foreign war of aggression and occupation. What is unique about Bin Laden, perhaps, is that he imagines an offensive use, not to cross the Atlantic and land on the shores of Massachusetts, but to affect what is happening in America from outside.

However this will fail. Contrary to what you speculate about Obama's plans for leaving Afghanistan, a surge is in the works,


By 2011, the current end-date for many of the NATO and coalition commitments, the American emperialists and their running dog (走狗) allies will have occupied the country for a round decade.

The imperialist aggressors are well aware of nationalist and freedom-fighter's guerrilla tactics and are settled in for the long haul. Ten, twenty, thirty years. The Vietnamese fought the Franco-American imperialists for fifty years. The Algerians as well. This is the Fourth Anglo-Afghan War (1839-1842, 1878-1880, 1919-1921, 2001-?).

Things do not bode well for the gentle and peace-loving Afghan people. The building of a native puppet bourgeoisie in Afghanistan to continue oppressing the people after withdrawl is well underway. The few sources of funding the Afghan freedom fighters have: opium and precious stones, are quickly falling into the hands of the imperialist aggressors.

Few American people, or the people of their running dog allies, understand that every dollar or euro or pound or yuan they spend on blood-oil, blood-electronics, blood-textiles, blood-paper and so on are what both motivate and finance the imperialist's war machine.

This is why it is the American people, not Obama or Brown that Bin Laden declared war on. As long as the American people themselves tacitly and overtly support, finance, and staff the imperialist's wars of foreign aggression, it is the the American people who are the enemies of the wretched and the exploited.

We don't give a fuck if you lose your job. We are losing our lives for your jobs!
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The Collapse of Amerikan Power
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