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 Tolerance of Intolerance. Tolerance of suffering. How everyone equally partakes in human suffering by that of apathy.

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PostSubject: Tolerance of Intolerance. Tolerance of suffering. How everyone equally partakes in human suffering by that of apathy.   Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:17 pm

Everyone who partakes in the rituals, systemization, practices, traditions, operation, movement, belief structure, economics, standards, and politics of society affects the outcome of those suffering within it.

This includes everyone including myself. There is no escaping it.

How? Although you may not harm or cause the suffering of another personally you nonetheless partake in the systemization of society which thrives on inequality and the suffering of other human beings.

You may describe that you don't personally harm others but nonetheless you are still apart of the systemization and equation that creates human suffering or inequality where even more you consume your living within the same equation as well.

To describe this we may use a fancy if not clever legal terminology that is called guilt by association.

In order to describe guilt by association I'll use an analogy:

There is a car driver who drives a vehicle full of bank robbers to a heist. Although the driver waits outside never even stepping inside the bank in robbing by waiting outside in the car only acting as the redundant driver that same driver nonetheless is considered guilty by association.

And should the bank robbers inside should kill a bank teller or some citizen bystander even though the driver outside may disagree with the act nonetheless the driver who has a association and connection with the robbers inside is actually the foundation in which the robbers act where afterwards the driver also acts as their escape.

What do we know about society? It thrives on inequality, forced coercion, violence,competition, conflict, blackmail and deception.

What is the source and foundation of society's existence? The people.

Who supplies the need and desire of inequality within the framework of society in order to consume or thrive upon on it? The people.

The government is only the intermediary of all this suffering and inequality. The people supply the need of inequality and human suffering for their own advances,conveniences, or pleasures where the government enforces the demand.

Noone is innocent as people partaking in the systemization of society are associated with the very equations that does create inequality and human suffering. All people partaking within society is the very energy and substance that society thrives on in order to maximize inequality or human suffering for profit.

Like the driver in the vehicle within the analogy the people are the very foundation in which inequality and suffering persists even if they don't do it themselves personally. The people are the vehicle or device of inequality and human suffering in which the status quo makes up demand after hearing the supply of desiring needs by the people themselves.

Even childern are not innocent for it is they who later on growing up take up the insidious practices of their mothers and fathers. Like father like son, like mother like daughter and so forth.

The next time you think to yourself that you are innocent because you don't harm others personally you might want to ask yourself if you partake in society the same entity that is the mass producer of all human suffering and inequality.

Remember that this same society derives it's public policy by your participation, foundation, energy and support regardless of what you may feel privately.
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Tolerance of Intolerance. Tolerance of suffering. How everyone equally partakes in human suffering by that of apathy.
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